Fishy babies

Adult fishies seem to be doing fine; they are not thrilled by the temperature at present, but provided I shelter them from the worst of the heat, and feed them, they seem to be OK.

It’s possible there are cory babies in the aquarium; I will have to take a better look in daytime, however the female may have spawned - looking a lot slimmer than she was a day or two ago. If so, they are in for a dangerous time (parent fish will quite happily eat spawn or eggs, by and large).

A little difficult to tell yet, between random detritus being moved by water flow, and a living animal moving under power. Usually when/if they get it a bit bigger it will be obvious.

Dear @mercurymerlin

Thank you for sharing this with us. I do hope the fish will survive.

Take care.


So far the existing fish seem to have survived. They were - not happy - about the recent warm weather, but seem to have got through, and water temp for now has dropped a couple of degrees.

Small fry; I have not seen active, it’s possible the female cory is holding them back until it’s cooler.
(I’m still learning…)