Five months ago I lost you

Five months ago I lost my lovely husband Philmore. I still cannot believe that he is never coming home again. Life can be so cruel. I am missing you. His last photo was taken at the Christmas party in December 2022.


Bless you. I know how you feel. But nothing I will say will make you feel better. Sending love xx he was a handsome looking man.


Thank you for your lovely words. He was not only handsome he was also very kind and a true gentleman. Sending lots of love and hugs.


Its tough innit @Annaessex my husband was the same - handsome but a very kind man xx


I don’t know if Simon was handsome or not. He had a beautiful smile and a warm heart. And someone at the funeral, a lady. Said he had a unique gift because he generally listened and took in what people, whom ever they were, said to him. And such a fabulous sense of humour. But the best thing about him was he loved me. For who I was. I miss him so much. As you two do your husbands. I wish I knew what I did wrong to deserve this awful loss and why someone so kind be taken.


Dear Rammie, I am sure that your husband was also handsome because he had a good heart and he loved you. Love and caring nature make everyone handsome and beautiful. I also think that I had done something horrible in my life and that my poor Philmore paid the price for it and I am paying the price for the rest of my life. I am missing him every second and it will never change. It is raining now and that sums up my feelings right now. Sending lots of love and hugs.