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I lost my husband 6 weeks ago to pulmonary fibrosis it’s a horrible disease. I miss him so much it would have been our 50h anniversary on the 21st August he was 68 .I know life will never be the same without my love we knew each other from childhood some days I just don’t want to go onemphasised text


my husband has been gone for 6 weeks also and i find i just cart bear it,on my own a lot don’t want to carry on without him,i know how you are feeling

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I lost my husband to internal bleeding coming up to 3 months ago. It was just before our 50th wedding anniversary. It is difficult to believe I will never see him again after so long together. I no longer cry as much but life is lonely and miserable. I hope you at least don’t suffer from my mobility problems as I am virtually housebound. My husband was my carer. I had to arrange care quickly over a bank holiday so was without care for 4 days trying to assure my husband I was managing so he wouldn’t worry. I have a friend who takes me out when she can but only been out 4 times since end of June and his funeral. Now received a really horrible K tax code from HMRC which means I have no tax free allowance and they are going to take an extra £80 per month from my income. They really know how to kick you when you are down. Hope you have some support but take all the help you can whilst it is being offered. Xx

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We all know how you are feeling on this website none of us wanted to join.
I lost my husbsnd 12 weeks ago and although i was kept busy with funeral arrangements banks dwp pensions utilities etc now feeling a bit more lost with time at home. I am just retired and get my state pension in Nov 23 my poor husband only retired lastFeb 23 early retirement at 63 so had 4 months when he pssed away suddenly a shock as we had so much planned for the future.
I do hope the pain and headache get easier but not so sure i think we just deal with it in different ways there is no easy answer exept take a day at a time cry grief when you need to. Unless someone has gone through this loss they do not understand how difficult day to day can be. Take care x