For my beautiful warrior of a sister 25.09.71_25.06.21

Night after night, day after day
the sadness I feel never goes away.
I think of the things we used to do…
Always together-Me & You!

Having a bath on a Sunday night
getting dressed by the fires light.
Listening to mum sing to the Top 40…
Always together-You & Me!

Walking to school in the freezing snow
we had no choice we had to go.
Kissing mum goodbye and waving to Lou…
Always together-Me & You!

Playing at the park on the swings and slide
in the long grass we would try n hide.
We’d head on home often late for tea…
Always together-You & Me!

Growing up still side by side
helping each other, being a guide.
spending some of our days battling through…
Always together-Me & You!

The years they passed in the blink of an eye
kids,weddings and grandchildren,doesn’t time fly!
every summer in your garden drinking lots of tea…
Always together-You & Me!

Going to Ali’s with Sharon on a friday night
us four together, oh some of the sights.
‘Forever Four’ our mini crew…
Always together-Me & You!

Then came the news we’d dreaded to hear
knowing your time was now limited here.
but my breaking heart I didn’t let you see…
Always together-You & Me!

We made the most of the time we had
we laughed and smiled, never sad
even knowing what we knew…
Always together-Me & You!

The day you left you broke my heart
it’s just not right us two apart.
now i’m lost dunno what to think, you see…
Is there still A YOU & ME?

Deep in my heart I know its true
still together, ME & YOU
but the only thing to heal this pain…
is ME & YOU back together again!


That is so beautiful. It has made my cry. Thank you x


Absolutely beautiful :heart:

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@Sam99 hi Sam I am so sorry for your loss . That is beautiful and so very touching. Thankyou for sharing x

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Hi Sam 99, Thank you for sharing this poignant tribute to your sister. I relate to your words. My departed Sister was also a brave, beautiful Warrior. It will always be “You & Me and Me & You” Even death cannot separate us. Take Care Xxx


Thank you xx

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Im sorry for your loss xx

Thank you x

Youre welcome, Thank you xx

Wow, so beautifully written and meaningful.

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Beautiful, Amen x

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