Forgive me...

Hello. I can’t sleep. I have something on my mind. I did a silly thing coming on here, I know that now. I should never have tried to interfere, Harry would have told me that. “Keep your snout out Mrs” he would have said. So before I sign out I must offer my apology for the upset I may have caused. Forgive me, it was never my desire. I’m left feeling rather foolish if I’m to be honest. I have had a few kind messages for which I am grateful. I know this site has many kind, caring people but nevertheless it’s not a place for me. Perhaps I shall return to my reading from afar, or not at all. Stay strong in your grief.
Best wishes

Christina, there’s no need to apologise everything you wrote was and is true, you did nothing wrong, you didn’t accuse any individual, you just posted an observation, one many on here have already witnessed, myself included, For me personally, these last few months has seen a dramatic downturn in the ambiance and I for one is seriously contemplating leaving the SR support hub.

So Christina, there is no need to apologise, your post was purely your observation, it is not your fault if there are those who disagree with it, an observation is an individual’s perspective on a situation or event. your observations were personal to you and did not deserve the indignant responses.

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today



Christina - I can only echo what Jen has said . Your observations were correct and mirror what many of us are feeling about the way this Forum has changed. I wish I could reply to the ungracious response to your apology - I hope you are not too upset by it - for it has left me feeling that way xx


Oh in the time I wrote that the original response disappeared . I hope it was the moderators who removed it !

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Another one leaving because of criticism. This is becoming so very sad.
And my post on love has been locked. I started it because I felt the need we all have for love. But even love seems to be a controversial subject on here. I wish you all the very best for the future. Don’t feel bad about it. It’s in no way your fault. Bless you, and may the future be a little better for you. you. John.


Good Morning to you all,
So sorry to see people leaving I think in fact said the same yesterday but thought on it and there are many more kind hearted and loving people on here than others.
Shame it all got out of hand yesterday but can we all shake on it and start again, I think majority of us do get some comfort from the forum and some fomus have actually made friends and exchanged phone numbers.
Which can only be good although we may never meet our telephone friends are vital.
Please let’s all forget yesterday and like the films CARRY ON?
Love to each and everyone of you.