Found my mum last Christmas day

Last Christmas Day my mother was supposed to come to my house for her Christmas dinner. Things didn’t add up so I travelled to her house to see what was going on. That’s when I found her slumped in her bed an image I can never remove from my head, how cold she was when the paramedic asked me to check for a pulse. It’s something that won’t ever leave me. I grieved at the start but not like I am now. I feel like I’m on self destruct at the moment going out drinking not going home to my wife and kids. Seriously low moods tired all the time nothing like suicide thou

Gary sorry for your loss hun , I lossed my mum this year . And I am finding it very hard to . When I go out I drink just so I can sleep as all I see is my mum were she was when she passed away . That will never go out my mind . Sending my thoughts and hugs to you all

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Hi Gary

That’s awful. What a shock you have been through. I hope you don’t mind me putting my 2 pennies worth in but this is definitely the time to talk and be kind to yourself. I like to have a drink and run away too but I know it is not the answer, it just replaces one problem with another.

Sorry if I’m over stepping the mark saying that. Just wanted to let you know that talking about how I feel on here really helps me as we all understand grief in our own way. I hope it helps you too.

Ann x

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