Four months on ...

My husband of 30 years died suddenly in December. I know it’s early days but feel it’s getting harder everyday and I seem to be crying more than ever. Isolation seems to magnify the grief. I miss seeing my grown up children and giving them a hug although friends and family are such a comfort but it’s just so difficult to understand everything that has happened.

I am sorry for the loss of your husband and that things seem to be getting harder. I lost my husband in January and although I don’t seem to be able to cry a lot I feel sadder every day as the reality sets in that I will never see him again. You will find lots of words of comfort on this site.

I lost my partner of 21 years unexpectedly in November and like you I feel my grief is getting worse could be a combination of everything of what’s going on in the world, the realisation they are not
Coming back could have done with him here now making a mess the most untidy person ever its helped me going back to work
Sorry I can’t give any helpful advise just try and take care of yourself

Anst I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your husband. I lost my wife of 27 years Sue in November but had known her from school aged 11, and every day is an emotional minefield with tears and sadness. All we can do is to try and take care of ourselves and be kind to ourselves as we face the pain of our grief and try and find a way to live in the way our loved ones would want us to. The social distancing has just made things even worse. Everyone’s loss is also so different as we all have a unique relationship with our loved ones and they are forever in our hearts and our memories. The only advice I have is that there are lots of lovely people on here you can reach out and talk to at any time. It’s early days for us and each day is a new challenge. Take care of yourself.

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