Four Years Today

Today is a day of so many mixed feelings. I started the day in inconsolable tears but have since received messages that have made me smile. I sponsor a local junior football team & one of the coaches sent me this. One of the things I promised was whilst I’m here Derek will never be forgotten. I will always speak his name & want others to do so too. The pain is as raw as it was four years ago & still feels as unreal, but I have learned to carry it with me & when I feel despair I try & bring the happy memories to the forefront of my mind. I don’t always succeed but I try. Thinking of everyone on this unwanted journey :heart:


Hi @Jodel712 reading your post is exactly how I feel . It’s been just over two years since my precious husband died. I talk about him all the time, it helps to keep him still alive in my heart and mind . That was a lovely thing for the coaches to have sent you .so thoughtful. Hope you have managed today . It’s very hard living this life now without our partners. I don’t think it will ever get any easier. We just plod on each day trying our hardest . Sending a hug xtake care x


Thank you for sharing this @Jodel712. What you say gives me a tiny glimmer of hope for a somewhat less painful future than the nightmare I live in at the moment.

Come January it will be two years since my gorgeous wife Christine died. During this second year, my feelings of sadness and aloneness have progressively intensified.