Friday Night

Just met my grandsons from Sports camp they had pizza and played their switches then their Mum collected them Im sitting here now remembering other Friday nights when Billy and I would get Fish and chips and have a beer watch something on tv. Its not always t the big things you miss holidays, trips out etc its the small things. A glance across the room, a shared joke, a cuddle, a walk in the park .The longing for them is as strong as the day they died .Grief is an ever evolving state It dosent make any sense it just happens .I keep wishing I could get in a time machine and go back to 1978 and the airmans mess at RAF INNSWORTH where we met .So much love and joy loss and heartbreak since then .For a few years we werent together and we did find each other again .You know despite all the difficulties I would relive it all in a heartbeat .Much love to you all xx


Hello, yes it’s the small things that’s really hurt. Seeing others doing what you use to do and it starts to get to you. I think each and everyone on here can relate to your post, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care of yourself. S xx