Friends and Family afternoon at SR

We’ve replied to the invitation to attend the event at SR Duchess of Kent Hospice, and it’ll be the first time we’ve engaged with bereavement support there. I’m partly dreading that I might just cry the whole time, meeting others in the same position, and I’m not sure what to expect. Has anyone else attended one of these meetings, and what was your experience? Was it helpful?

not something id even consider.Had one 2 one bereavement counselling,which gave me the chance open up about my feeling for my partner Jayne.cant say it as eased the pain im feeling at the loss,but released some pent up emotions.good luck and I hope it helps you.

Liz - Ian…
I recently attended an event - a memorial service held annually at the same crematorium that I held for my Richard just 5 - 6 months ago, just knowing that it was going to get packed out with other bereaved families made me want -choose to attend…It was a lovely ceremony and i relive it has helped me come more to terms with not why i lost my Richard but where Richard is now, which is in a better place ( mentally ) than i am, although if he was given this choice he would of course rather choose to be back here…

I am also soon to be attending my first CRUSE meet - up at our local to me venue…once again i will amongst people who have lost someone close to them…I am not sure how this will leave me feeling as have cried each and every day since my Richard left me 11 th April and i know this will not be my last cry…
Jackie…((( hug )))

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