From hidden to open

My mum died in 2001, when I was just 15 years old. Despite having a loving family, I was unable to express the depth of my pain and loss and literally did not have the words. 20 years later, I finally accessed some proper support and started to process and acknowledge the impact of her death. Last week, 30 sessions later, I had my final appointment and was able to share that a few days earlier I had got a tattoo. For me, it symbolises that what was once hidden and too painful to discuss is now out in the open and I am free to talk about it with whomever I choose.


Dear @TimetoHeal

Thank you for sharing your post and the photo of the beautiful, tattooed Robin. Your post is a reminder that grief is a journey and for some it may take years. This is perfectly normal as everyone’s journey is different.

I am pleased that you are now able to be open and discuss how you feel, and you got the support you needed to be able to do this.

Take care.