from my girly bedroom

this used take pride of place in the in my little bungalow its
in my girly bedroom.the teddies I got Jayne over the years.
some are more special than others.because of the reasons behind me buying them for Jayne.


Oh that looks lovely and now in a new home. I wish you and the bears much happiness.

Hi Ian, have all these lovely teddies got names!!! I have teddies as I used to collect Gorilla’s. I know it sound bizarre but I loved Gorilla’s when a child and quite upset that my parents wouldn’t let me have one as a pet. I couldn’t even get a dog let alone a gorilla. I gave most of them away after Brian died but still keep Roger the one that Brian bought me for one Christmas, he’s so lifelike. Brian collected teddies off the planes and I still have some of them although Bugsy (my little dog) thinks they are for him to play with.
I love your collection especially the white one on the second shelf down, such a happy smily little face…
Take care Pat xxx

hi Pat.
got a few more.what pisses me off ,before we moved in together Jayne had some I brought her in her bedroom,well they were put in Anns attic.i wont see them again grrr,had a big cuddly killer whale I won at the fair in rhyl .plus in blackpool we enjoyed playing bingo we had quite a few tickets and got a monkey wearing old style goggles and a flying jacket.Jayne didn’t like it much lol.but was only thing worth doubt Ann as thrown them away.another reason I wont ever forgive her.the white one is a cat cant recall were I got it.2 ive given Karen say thank you for her was a white seal I brought with the money I won finishing runner up in a pool comp at brean sand pontins.the other was a brown bear with zipper you could put a nightie in and was the first teddy I ever got Jayne.
but some on those sheves have far more meaning and sentiment .the one on top shelve with red shirt says I love Brixham got that 2017 on our very last holiday there.missing my baby Jayne so damn much.just going relax then respond to an email :slight_smile:

thank you Susie123