Funeral services over

Had a really nice service. My darling wife was a nurse and although there were restrictions a large number of colleagues and ex colleagues lined the road to the chapel clapping and then once outside they all blew bubbles. I just wish my girl was there to see and hear it. She would have been shocked.
Now every one has left. Back to lonely me.
How do you now move on.

I don’t know
My beloved husband’s funeral was yesterday and I got through it but today I woke up and have been distraught all day
I can’t read or watch tv I just cry and cry
I want to be with him
I don’t want to be here at all t b h

What I find hard was my wife undervalued herself. If only she was treated when she was here like the way they talk about her now.

I feel your anger
I’m angry too with the hospital that did 4 negative covid tests and still treated him for covid that wouldn’t let me be with him when he needed me .
The guilt is horrific because he was scared of going into hospital but in the end he had to go.
You know how lovely your wife was
I suppose I was lucky because I was only allowed to invite 10 people And they were family and close friends

Hi all funerals are the worst in lock down allowed 6 at Micks but the streets were lined with all his friends and outside his local the hurst stopped for 5 minutes it was nice but surreal I think it’s harder after the funeral think your on auto pilot. I think we all ask the question how do we move on I don’t know I find it harder 3 months on I think it’s just sinking in I’m not going to see Mick again. I know I sound negative but can’t lie the emotional roller coaster we go through. Keep chatting on here x

I feel the same, it’s 8 weeks since my husband died and there hasn’t yet been one day I haven’t wept for him.Today for some reason I ,haven’t been able to stop as soon as I’m on my own. Have been for lovely distance walks with friends this week and held it all in but once home it all starts again. He’s not here any more and they are going back to their normal life again. Like you, I think it’s only really dawning on me now that I’ll never see him again, talk to him, have a hug. How do we ever get over this? :two_hearts:

You’re not being negative, just honest and it’s good to let it all out on here where people understand.x

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