Funeral Today

Said goodbye to June today. Allowed 20 people and used the webcast service as well. I managed to say the words I wanted, although it was a struggle. There was lots of tears. After everyone said how well it all went, but I didn’t want it to go well. I just wanted it to never to have happened. The best part of me is gone and I don’t know what to do anymore, or even if I want to. since she passed I’ve been busy arranging things and getting ready for today. Now that’s over and I can’t see anything else for me.
I don’t want to be here any longer, I just don’t see the point, and I don’t want to get over this

Dave, it’s the worst day and I and everyone on here will feel for you. It’s something you relive but want to forget. The thing that sticks with me was my sister saying she would put the kettle on for tea or coffee and to be honest I could have strangled her. It was the last thing I wanted but unless you have been there you don’t know. The only thing I can say is tomorrow is another day and there is still so much to do but for now try to remember the happy memories and I should imagine, hide away, that is what I wanted, just to be left alone and cry. Take heart, it does get easier. Small steps along this road. My thoughts are with you.

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Dave I am so sorry for the pain you feel that never goes away. The rawness will fade and slowly, very slowly you will learn to live again. I managed to do the ulogy myself at Ron’s funeral but there is so much I don’t remember because like you there was so much to organise and then nothing except an empty house. I have lots of wonderful friends and without them I could not have carried on. You have my blessings and please come on here whenever you need to. Whoever imagined that one day we would all be so wrapped in this awful pain.

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Dave you got through it and done June proud.
We are living a life we never asked for or wanted but for various reasons we are. Every morning day and night I get overwhelmed by knowing my girl has been stolen from me. I shed so many tears just typing on this site. The pain don’t go and I rely on others on this site as guidance as a lonley future is painfully scarry.

Thank you all, like you Jay, I cry when I try and type. I’ve never cried so much in my life. Nothing prepares you for this. The feeling that the best part of yourself has gone forever. Not wanting to look forward, move on , plan for the future - I don’t want the future, I just want her back

Think we all feel the same ? But you are not alone , this is my first day , and already it’s as helped me .

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I’m constantly on here as I don’t have any suppot. I often post my feelings as nowhere else to post or talk to. Most are supportive

We do try to help eac other. We’re all hurting in fifferent wys, but the same way too. We all have something in common, something we really didn’t want. I’m with Jay, I do find this place helpful and supportive.

Hi Dave, many people find they are at their worst after the funeral, because that is when they have to start living their “new” life, and it can be very difficult. You will have many bad days ahead, but at this moment in time, you need to be taking things hour by hour, not day by day. When you are having a bad hour, feel free to come on here and talk about it without feeling like you’re being a nuisance and people will get tired of you. That never happens at this place because we know what grief is like and want to help others.