Have my partners funeral tomorrow just don’t know how to get through it really want to try to make it a celebration of her beautiful life but just don’t think I can bear it .

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Dear Kevobee

Tomorrow I will be thinking of you. You clearly loved your partner and your love will be reflected in the arrangements you have made. Friends and family will be there to give you strength to get through the day.

I took a photo of my husband in my handbag, just for me. Held it close and kept on telling him how much I loved him and asked him to wait for me.

Take care.

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Dear Kevobee,

I will be thinking of you tomorrow also. I do hope you can take solace in the support you are offered.

I have my partners funeral next Tuesday and as it gets closer am also feeling unsettled. I do hope you manage to celebrate her beautiful life, as you say.

Merrin x

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Hi Merrin
I know no words will help but you will be in my thoughts tomorrow
Kevin x

Thank you Kevin.

I hope you are doing ok since your partners funeral.

It’s quite surreal the evening before the public goodbye.

Thanks for your wishes.

Merrin x

Thinking of you today @Merrin, I hope you can get through it as well as possible

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