Funny appetite

Since I have started to eat again since my wife died 3 months ago my appetite and taste buds have totally changed big time, my portions have halved, if not smaller, I would always have porridge for my breakfast but cant stand the thought of it now, I no longer enjoy meat, which I loved any sort of meat before my wife died, my kids offer to bring me a Sunday dinner at there house or offer to bring it round to me, but I couldn’t face it, yet it wasn’t Sunday without a Sunday dinner before my wife died, we both enjoyed a drink in the house but I have to force a beer down me now, I can still manage a couple of glasses of wine though, and that’s about it, anyone else experienced the same.? Take Care everyone xx

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Oh yes, I can definitely agree with you that’s how it was, some days the fridge hasn’t enough food in it. Three or four days I don’t want everything. Totally change but now I am a bit better, I now have a real sweet tooth which is something new and not very good for the waist line but so what! Grief changes us in more ways than we could ever imagine. Just keep eating what you fancy and also when you fancy it. Three meals a day, no not now. S xx

I have experienced that definitely.
Like you, I loved porridge for breakfast (we both did), now I can’t stand to eat it. It tastes funny to me.
We used to love to share a bottle of red wine with a meal sometimes. In the 14 months since my husband died, I’ve had only 2 glasses of red wine.
I never have a Sunday lunch either now, we used to love our Sunday lunch together.
It’s a strange thing, our appetites must be so affected by our grief.
Take care, eat healthily when you can!

Either I can’t eat or I’m scoffing everything since my mum went. Used to cook a roast or a stew a wet Sunday and she’d either come in and eat it or pick it up and take it home with her. The day before she picked up her stew. Used to use my slow cooker for roast or stew but right now can’t stand the thought of either. The slow cooker is gathering dust.

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