Funral director didn't film my wife funeral properly

Where do i stand with this problem.
I had booked a funeral for my wife who died of cancer.
I explained everything to her at our home what we wanted. I said i wanted a professional photographer to film and video and take photos of the funeral. We have 5 children young age’s so documentation of the event was crucial and for myself .
After the funeral the next day she sent me what’s app photos and videos…to my horror she had done it on the phone .very poor quality and so far away. When you zoom in the photos go blurred.
She did even get us in it properly and missed out most of the funeral.
She saying nothing she can do and she has all gone quiet on me .while asking her why this has happened. What can i do .im so deeply upset and heart broken what she has done to us the children have been very upset over whats she’s done to there mummy’s funeral.

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Hello @Roy12345676, I’m so sorry to hear that your wife has died. It’s understandable that you’re feeling so upset when you had explained to the videographer what you needed and how important this was to you and your children.

The Citizen’s Advice website outlines what steps you can take when you’re unhappy with a good or service you’ve been provided with. There is a step-by-step guide on their website: If you're unhappy about poor service - Citizens Advice

I really hope this is helpful and that you get this resolved in some way.

Take good care,

Anyone out there’s who a solicitor that can see if there’s a case for being negotiating a funeral. Its disgusting what the funeral director has done

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Sorry @Roy12345676 I don’t really have anything to offer but sympathy about this. It must have been so distressing to discover the poor service.
Maybe others will have something more useful to say.
Hugs xxx

Ok Thank-you very much
When you have already discussed this.she said trust me.
I phoned her day before and discussed everything.
Now she said im so sorry if your are unhappy with the photos no expression.
Shes ignoring my contact’s now thinking yhat i go away she she wants full payment or no wife’s ash’s

I too got upset because I could not have what I would have liked at the funeral.
It was one disappointed after another. But I did my best. I was stopped from taking a photo of the flowers in the hearse by the funeral director and my daughter I. Law saying it is quirky. I said we are all different. When I next saw them they were all wilted in cold weather so nether. Got to see them in situ.
But as time goes on it doesn’t trouble me anymore.

@Roy12345676 The funeral director is not allowed by law to withhold ashes to extract payment. Just check out online. Also if the undertaker is a member of a professional body you could contact them and complain.

Hi Mike
It comes under 1902 act sec 7 …i got her home very unprofessional company. They even photographer the funeral with a mobile phone instead of hiring a professional photographer like my wife wanted it documented for our young children for in time too come.
Because iv gone to the funeral ombudsman that’s my right she’s now sent a solicitor email saying ifi pursue this matter then they will take me too court…like they want me too stay silent

@Roy12345676 I would simply add their threat to take you to court if you continue your complaint to your complaint. Just tell them you will settle when the ombudsman has delivered his report in accordance with his recommendations. You will have to do that anyway.

I haven’t heard from the funeral director as the ombudsman has been in contact with them. And they are dealing with them …

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