Future events

It starts with the first wedding anniversary in august he won’t be here for then our youngest sons first day at senior school, then it’s Christmas/new year then I spiral into our children’s weddings he’s never going to see any grandchildren then I get consumed by the rest of our future. Anybody else get like this



Sending a big hug.

Yes all the time i feel like this, my partner suddenly passed last year he was only 36, we have a little girl who was 4 when it happened, an all her milestones are happening and its hard to see he will miss them all. Was her reception graduation today and it was heartbreaking going alone.

Life is so cruel, sending love to you and your family xxx


@Sah28, I feel the same. Son’s birthday was four days after my dear husband passed away, my birthday a month later, the first time in my life I had woken up by myself on my birthday. Then what would have been his 80th birthday. Since then elder son’s and two grandson’s. I find it so sad that I can only put my name on cards and presents.
I am dreading our wedding anniversary and Christmas and New Year.
I have had a very dark day today and am finding life very difficult since my husband left us 26 weeks ago.


@Sah28 yes. My husband had cancer and his goal was to take our oldest grandson for his first pint when he was 18. He didn’t even make his 12th birthday. I found a countdown on my husband’s phone after he passed away💔