Getting harder

I hope everyone on here is holding up ok. I’m cripplingly lonely these days & find myself reading this forum for most of the day looking for someone to relate to. It’s so hard.

I feel just the same. Too many hours in the day now to just sit, think and remember when I was happy, then have a good cry again.

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I really do understand your grief it’s like being in a different world …I’m finding it so difficult to share how I feel with my family…sending you lots of strength :pray:

I think we all understand on here. Every day, every hour is hard. We all want our loved ones back and know it can’t happen. It is not going to be a short or easy path but we do have people on here who understand completely. Sending hugs

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I also struggle to share my feelings with my family and friends mainly because I feel I’m just going to make them feel down so I pretend I’m coping g but I’m literally numb inside X


Hi Cat
Thete is always someone to support you on here. I sometimes sit here all day on the site and it really helps to pass my day
Never spent so much time on the phone in my life. I have just started voluntary work and it has helped considerably because it takes me to another place. (The place I was before I lost my love.)
Virtual hugs and always here for you.

Hi I can do relate to this I do the same say I’m ok but I’m not & struggle to see how I ever will be

My husband died suddenly from sporadic cjd 16 months ago living is so hard. our world changed for ever.