Given me something to think about

Hi, Today something happened that really made me think.
I was walking home and a young woman was sat on the footpath with a wheelchair by the side of her ahead of me. There was people with her, looking along the ground and I asked her if she needed any help. She just shook her head and looked so miserable. I walked on but didn’t feel happy so I went back. It turned out a small wheel had come off her wheelchair and she had fell out of it there was people looking for the screw. A young couple decided to go to a local hardware shop and try to get a new screw,. Another man stopped with his van and then went home to get his toolbox, I agreed to stay with the young woman until they returned, and my dogs made a fuss of her which she liked The family and man did return and repaired her chair, I was so touched by their kindness, nothing was too much trouble. She was on her way to pick up medication and they offered to get it for her and take it to her home. The one man said he would call at her house and check her wheelchair over to make sure it was safe for her. While I stayed with her I found that she couldn’t speak and communicated by messages on her phone, this is how I found out her name. She couldn’t walk at all and lived on her own and had no one we could call to come and help her. She was obviously a very sick young woman as she was very frail, As I walked on home with my dogs I realised that this young woman had so much to cope with it made my life seem a much easier option even with grief. Now I know this doesn’t lessen the pain that we are all going through, Being anxious, alone etc but I wondered what her life was like, alone, unable to communicate, disabled so young and obviously not well and with no one.
My life didn’t seem so bad after all.
Pat xxx


…reading your today encounter really touched me…there are truly angels around, the ones who stopped and gave her the time of day and came to her aid…and shame on the ones who ignored her and just passed her by…

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Yes Jackie, it did brighten my day to see such kindness. I was struggling myself at the time and this encounter picked me up and for a while I was concerned about someone else and not myself. I must admit that usually there is plenty of help in this area if someone needs it.
You take care
Pat xxx

A thought provoking and sad story.

Hi Pat. I have just found your post about the young women in the wheelchair. This is one of my pet concerns about us humans. Everyone helped, not because they had to but because they wanted to. Now this begs the question. Why do we have to wait for adversity before we are kind to each other? I know there are many folk who are kind and understanding all the time. But in general we do tend to go about our own business virtually unaware of others problems.
I have nothing but praise for what happened with you and the others who helped. Grief changes us. We become far more aware of the suffering of others. This site demonstrates that.
The parable of the ‘Good Samaritan’ comes to mind. With this young lady you could have all walked ‘on the other side’ but you didn’t, and your story restores my faith in human nature which is a bit thin at times.
Love and Blessings. XX

hi Pat
sad that the young lady is unable speak or walk.but great to read how helpful so many people tried to be to her.very heart warming story showing human kindness in a good light.
regards ian