Going away

I’ve been to stay with my friend for a few days. Went to colchester zoo. Went to see her son in a play, and met up with some other friends. Didn’t come back to an empty house as our friend is staying with his dog. It was a great relief that I didn’t come home to an empty house.


I am too unsure of myself to go away on my own. Don’t have any friends or family that will accompany me. I know I can be difficult because I am shut in my own world wondering when am I going back home. But to be honest I don’t have a home it’s just a house. At work I refer to it as my home. At least I have people around me. Somebody to talk to. I leave my house at least an hour and a half for work. I stay 10mins from work. When I have chats with managers telling me I am on site too early. All I say is this my home… They reply that is sad…

I know it’s hard to go away on your own. Have you tried joining some social groups. Either personally or via zoom etc. I go to u3a meetings. There are several groups around the country covering a wide variety of topics. Also the local national trust. There is a world out there for someone like you.