Going out for dinner.

Ok. It’s been nearly two years since Steve passed away. I would love to dress up and go out. I belong to a few ladies groups. But it is ladies. I would like me to eat with someone of the opposite sex, I don’t want a live in relationship. I would just like a friend. Any ideas. Please don’t think badly of me.


This is all new to me to I lost my partner to cancer July 2019 we here to gether for a long time l no what you are saying l understand where you’re coming from but no idea how with this lock down it’s not possible at the moment it’s that male prospective on things someone to make you feel special are just to go out with to feel like a woman again I no if you find out let me know xx

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It’s going t be 1 year for me next month ,and lm starting t feel soo lonely ,I’m 50 ,and never thought I was gonna be here after 25 years with my darling he was 54 ,still so young ,like soo many of u ,I dont think the gas matters ,20 ,50 years with your true soulmate ,its very difficult t get over ,and hate t be by myself and this covid couldn’t be worse for people grieving, give us strength t 2morow be another day

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I think you have made a very good point here. There must be lots of us who have lost a partner who would welcome a friend, without being ready for a ‘serious’ relationship. I wonder if there is a web site or organisation which could facilitate this?

Do u know what I discover in this dating on line ??I was with my husband for 25 years ,its soo much con artists out there its disgusting, I put myself out there and quickly took myself out its proper disgusting, and saturday is gonna be 1 year and I almost feel the same ache for him now if not more ,miss him sooo much and this week ,its been proper bad ,x