Going to funeral palour today

At 11am today i have booked to go and see my darling Paul who died suddenly on 13th December.
I have been awake most of the night worrying if its the right thing to do. He had to have an emergency brain operation after hemorrhage and im worried he will looked bruised. My tummy is in knots


Sending you love and strength for today xxx

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@Susan10 I hope everything went as well as it could for you today. It’s never easy. Sending love and hugs.X

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I hope it wasn’t like you expected. My husband was cremated on 13th December and I got his ashes a week later. It’s a very strange feeling. I still can’t believe it even though he was ill for a long time I can’t believe he has gone.

Sending love xx


@Susan10 i am so sorry that you have lost your husband and having to go through visiting him at the funeral home. I hope the staff there made it as easy as possible for you and that you are being supported
Jen x

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@Dns My husband was also cremated on the 13th December. I can only describe Christmas as bleak. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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Christmas wasn’t so bad though we didn’t really celebrate Christmas just family together. It’s now when everyone has gone home and I’m alone. When I’m told if you need anything I’m on the other end of the phone. It’s nice but I’d appreciate them just calling me. Sometimes I just feel sorry for myself. The miserable weather doesn’t help. Hugs to everyone xx

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Same day as my mum.

Same day as my mum, I feel the same way

Thank you, loobyloo…i didn’t want to leave the chapel of rest. Paul will be cremated on the 6th January . I still cant believe he is gone. People say times a healer , i hope this pain and hurt gets easier.

I’m sorry for ur loss. I hope it helped you going ? I know it helped me. Thinking of you :pray:t2::two_hearts: