Gone so quick

Hi, I lost my step dad to cancer in September I still find myself thinking of him everyday, it was only 5 weeks from when he was diagnosed until he passed. I worry terribly about my mum whos only 59. I just feel like its never going to stop hurting, he adored my daughter shes almost one, now she has no papa’s.
I just can’t believe hes gone and I dont know what to do

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Hi gypsy so very sorry for your loss, it’s so very hard losing a loved one, I lost my husband last july so know how your mum must be feeling and I have a one year old granddaughter and my daughter is heartbroken that her dad wont see her grow up just as you feel too, take a day at a time people on here will help
My granddaughter is such a comfort to me as I’m sure yours is to your mum take care xxx linda

Hello Gypsy,
I am very sorry that you have lost your stepdad, your little girl will soon become adjusted to his loss.
It is the adults who suffer the most, I wish I could offer you words of comfort, the only thing I can say is eventually you and your mum will gradually start to feel better.

Thank you, as im sure you know its good days and bad

It certainly is, Gypsy.
I am about to order a book called Waterbugs and Dragonflies from Amazon UK.
It is a beautiful book, very short, but it was written for small children and explains what death means, it is written in a style which children can understand.
Our son read an extract from it at my husband’s funeral, last September.
Take care,
MaryL x

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