Good night

I post about how I feel here now more than on fb! Got told off by the kids :pleading_face: I miss my hubby so much, I cry morning, noon and night x he was my rock and I really donโ€™t how I carry on without him I miss him sooooo much :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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Hi, saying how you feel is what this forum is for and you feel free to say whatever you want to or need to.
I know the crying morning, noon and night so very well.
Iโ€™ve just read your other post and you have so much to cope with.
All I can do is wish you well and hope you can get some support both practical and emotional at this saddest of times. Take care Jx

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I do understand MrsT1
It takes a long time for a broken heart to be repaired if ever it is. My rock was my Stan, who I found on our bedroom floor, he had died. :broken_heart:
We would not have been given tears if we were not meant to use them, it is a release in a way. Nothing ever prepares us for the loss of our loved ones. Maybe your kids are worried about you.
Stay safe x x x

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