Goodbye to a loved one dueTo covid

Morning only just joined but really struggling as its today I say goodbye to my fiancé who passed away to covid. He’s not having a service just a pure cremation so finding it hard to except he’s gone. Sadly we didn’t live together as he had two strokes 3 years ago which paralysed him. He had his mind so we use to chat everyday. We lived
About an hour and a half from each other. He was in a young person’s nursing home so had not seen him
Since March in person. Take care and
Stay save. Xx

Hi Nessa,

How tragic. I can’t imagine what you’ve gone though in the last 9 months. It seems too cruel. I think you can be present at the cremation. My husband died in September last year, and we were allowed to have 16 within a small chapel. In the event, because it was impossible to chose between Jim’s many friends who to invite, his sons and I conducted the service. I gave his eulogy, his elder son read a poem, we chose his favourite music as the opening and then ending as I closed the curtain. Jim was an agnostic.
I am thinking of you.
Christie xxx

Hi Nessa40

So sorry you have lost your fiance. It is painful to lost a loved one and in this case it is hard not to say bye, but might you could gather an virtual service meeting for him with friend and family. It would help you and his family too to grief.

Visit this community where they are supportive people.

Send you hugs. Devi

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Dear Nessa,
Yesterday must have been a very difficult day for you. I felt very sad for you when I read your post and thought about your situation. You must have loved your fiance very much and it must have been so difficult to have been separated due to Covid. I hope that you can find comfort in the many memories you have of him and the daily chats you were able to have, His death must have left a big hole in your life and any one on this site will be able to understand that you are struggling. Please feel free to post on this site as often as you want to, there will always be someone here for you.