…still can’t believe this actually happened… Love to everyone :sleepy::heavy_heart_exclamation:

How can it be that I can’t see
Reality in front of me
Despite the fact I held your hand
I still don’t really understand

The day before, tho you were sick
We sat and talked like you were fixed
The road ahead was hard and long
But they said you had started strong

We kissed and hugged and said goodbye
How could I know that you would die
I left and came back home to bed
My final sleep, then you were dead

I struggle to accept this fact
And really want to have you back
But I know that can never be
Forever you have gone from me

My only hope is that someday
We’ll meet again some other way
For if our souls do carry on
Then once again we’ll be as one

…miss and love you always


Hi, lovely poem , I never got to say goodbye to my husband ,mind I would never say goodbye to him ,it would of been what we always said ,see you later, I have to believe I will see him later. Thank you for sharing your wonderful poems, xtake carex


Beautiful word’s, I never got to say goodbye to my husband either, I feel so much guilt because of that,

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Do not feel guilt…that is wasted emotion…I felt guilty for a while…it’s normal…now I just feel other things…lots of love to you :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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