But Jill, you have many friends on here. Yes, to blazes with the rest. I too feel sorry for them. Lack of feeling for others is the opposite of empathy. It’s often the case it’s due to embarrassment and what to say. But excuses are not really at all useful. I would say understanding is all that’s needed. Not talk or running around trying to help. Silence and holding a hand can do so much more than all the platitudes.
If Admin will excuse me, (you can delete it!!), but my old family motto comes to mind. ‘NIL ILLEGITIMO CARBORUNDUM’ . ‘Don’t let the bastards grind you down’. We don’t have a coat of arms, but that motto has been handed down and it’s helped me when I come upon difficult people.
Ignore them Jill, they are not worth the bother.
Seasons greetings and to all on here. Bless you all and thank you for being here. XX

Thanks Jonathan.I know I have many friends here because they understand.I had a lovely phone call from my son and a message from my daughter.I just wanted my friends to treat me as the person I used to be,not the sad old bag they seem to think I am!Love and peace to everyone xxx

Jill. Sometimes peoples attitude to us makes us stronger. I tried so hard to make contact with Brian’s two daughters who both live locally and felt so let down when they wouldn’t reply, as did non of his family, it really upset me. I started to blame myself. Then I realised that it was making me feel tougher. Who did they think they were treating me like this. Where was any of them when Brian needed them I decided I was not going to become a victim or needy.
Love to you

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You are so right,Pat.It’s their loss not mine!I don’t need them in my life if I’m not welcome in theirs.It’s a shame they’re not like my neighbour.She’s just treating me the way she always has,as the person I’ve always been.I don’t know if I’ve changed since Rob died but she doesn’t see it.There should be more women in the world like her,never taking,just giving and I’m so glad she is in my life.

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Excellent, Jonathan, I love your motto.


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