Great loss

I lost my partner to accidental suicide I’m so devastated he’s been ill and had mental health issues. I was his carer for 6 years brought him back from a comma and loved and cared for him now this happened I feel so lost without him x
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Im so sorry Barbara, and can only imagine how devastated you must feel. You obviously loved your partner very much and could not have done any more, im sure he will have known how much you loved him. I just wanted to send you love and ask if you have considered seeking professional support. Your GP may be able to direct you to services, Sue Ryder and CRUSE offer online counselling too. This board is a very kind and supportive place and may help to ease some of the loneliness. I find it helps. Please look after yourself. Sending you big hugs xx


Thank you I am trying to get help but everywhere seems to take do long. I am keeping busy. I keep thinking I’m going to get a call saying pick me up or expect him to walk through the door. The worse thing is the night he passed we had a row about his drinking I think he did it because he thought I would catch him in time guess I will have to learn to live with that. If he had passed due to one of his illnesses I could accept it more anything but the way he went x
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The guilt is sometimes worse than the grief.
Stay strong.

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