Grief and loneliness

Hi, I’m James and new here.
I have lost a wife, parents and a number of other family members. Some many years ago, some not so long.
Would appreciate any correspondence or replies to battle my daily demons.
Thank you in advance


@James73 hi James I am so very sorry for your losses I lost my soulmate pauline on the 14th April I lost my parents many years ago I feel so lost and empty since losing pauline we had almost 21 years together I love her with all my heart its so hard when you lose the love of your life I hope you have support around you I take one day at a time carrying on without pauline is the hardest thing I have ever had to do I do it for her and our pets keep posting on here you will find support I know I have I’m all alone apart from our pets everyone on here understands how we are feeling stay safe take care

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Casey 1,
Thank you for your kind words.
It’s true, only people who have loved and lost understand grief and each others pain. I to live day by day as it’s the only way that works for me. Being on here and talking to people like you helps especially after midnight when I can’t sleep.
Again thank you and here to talk if you want to
James x

@James73 thankyou James I know what you mean my sleep is very erratic I’m often up until the early hours and then I’m restless even when I do go to bed I find mornings the worst waking up to her not being here its been 3 months and 4 days and I have been around other people 3 times her funeral a visit to my sisters and when I gave my neighbour a lift its very lonely and this will be the rest of my life though I do have our pets who give me a reason to carry on how do you cope day to day and I’m also here if you want to chat

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I literally live day to day. Thank you for being here. Please DM me for my number if you ever want to chat or call. No pressure Casey.

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@James73 ok thankyou

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You welcome. Like I said, I don’t sleep at night well so always nice to talk to someone.

Good morning Casey,
I see u didn’t sleep too well either.
I was awake till 2am and have been up since 7.
Just another day.
Any plans for today?

@James73 hi James no I had a bad night couldn’t stop crying but no plans just taking care of my babies how about you any plans for the day

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Sorry to here that. Was on here till 2am and awake at 7am. Seems to be Groundhog Day.
Just another day I’m afraid