Grief changed beliefs?

When I lost my parents my belief was that I will see them again so it was only a temporary parting
However with the loss of my husband for some reason thus belief has been rocked lately?

I don’t know why I’ve begun to question what I’ve always believed in & it seems to have set me back to day 1 of grieving all over again?

Does anyone understand?

I so need to belief again what I’ve always believed in that I will see all my loved ones again.

I am not sure whether your use of the word “belief” means religious faith or just a long held thought. Whatever, grief rocks us to our core and so much of what we once thought or believed is altered and we have to rebuild and sometimes rejig things of which we were once certain. Painful as this is, it is part and parcel of our new existence. Regardless of religion,so many on this site are convinced that they will be reunited and that gives hope and comfort x

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