Grief is hard

Lost my Mum in April, have days of uncontrollable grief. It is hard and I am tired. How do I get better so I can cope.

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Hello Amarpal

I am so sorry for your loss of your mum
Grief effects all of us different so there is no right or wrong
No time limits either !!
I loss my mum 2 years ago and I haven’t grieved yet for her
My poor body can’t cope as I loss my husband the year before that
I still get bad days where I’m in a really sad place
When I feel better I pick myself up and try to get on with life

You are heartbroken but you were loved and you loved your mum nobody can take that away from you
Have you not though about writing in a journal about how you feel
what you want to say to your mum or share with her
I did when my husband died as I was so angry at the world
I still write in it today not as often now but it lets me express my feelings without offending anybody
I find friends and family don’t understand why you haven’t moved on !!
But to love someone so deep for a short time or if your lucky a long time you don’t just get over it

I started new hobbies I needed to keep myself busy as when you stop your grief pops through
And hits you again

I hope I have made you feel that your not the only one feeling like you do

Sending my love

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Thank you so much for your thoughts :hugs: