Grief support groups

I went to grief support classes two times after losing my mother and father. It was most helpful primarily because I was with people in their deepest suffering and we could all relate to one another. I highly recommend it, especially with new grief. It was comforting being with people who knew exactly how I was feeling. It was like a safe harbor before heading back out into the uncaring storm.

Hello Berit

It is good to know that the grief support classes you attended were good. It is very hard losing your parents and as you say being with others who understand is very helpful.

I have lost my Mum and Dad too and somehow muddled through without classes or medical help. I often wonder if I was right to do that and whether classes or similar would have helped me come to terms with my loss better. I found this site which has helped me so much, people to chat to online and lots of advice and support when I have needed it.

Thank you for the recommendation which I am sure others will also be pleased to read.


Hi berit,

Thank you for sharing your experience of going to a grief support class with us. I’m so glad to hear that you found it helpful and comforting. It can make such a difference being able to speak to others who are going through something similar and knowing that you’re not alone.

Take care,
Community Manager