Grief with resentment

Hi everyone, hoping someone can share their story of hope concerning coping with bereavement & resentment at the same time. To cut a long story short I’ve felt that I was told how to grieve for my mum who passed away just over 12 months ago. My husband & his mother basically kept telling me how I should be handling my Dad who is still to this day heart broken to the point that he doesn’t want to live. One of them actually said to me after 6 weeks that Dad should be moving on. I’ve never forgotten how they made me feel & can’t seem to get past it either. Sadly during those 12 months my mother in law also passed away from a short battle with cancer. Now that my husband knows how devastating grief is, and he wants all the empathy & understanding in the world I’m actually finding that I’m resenting him & his late mother more than ever. I think it’s because I had to put my grief on hold to satisfy their feelings. I’m feeling that angry that I’m ready to pull the plug on everything. Has anyone experienced this & got past these feelings? Xx


Hi, what a very hard situation for you. No wonder you feel resentment at how your grief was treated. Your poor Dad… I wonder whether you might find speaking with a counsellor helpful as you have some conflicting emotions, all entirely understandable. There’s also lots of helpful information about grief online. Perhaps even writing down your thoughts might help you to process it all? Best wishes, take care xx


So hard for U all this but if you want to preserve your marriage you will have to try and forgive your husband If you don’t want to stay with him then don’t and let him go So many people expect you to get over a death in very short time but that’s totally unrealistic. I am thinking of you hoping you find a way forward Blessings