Hi. Since watching the video of little Arthur labinjo Hughes crying no one loves me and nobody gonna feed me I feel so much Grief. I’ve cried nonstop. I can’t sleep. I have nightmares. Even though I never met him I feel I have lost him. Whyhas this hit me so hard I can’t understand. I’m crying typing this. It’s broke my heart in two. Plz can someone help me. The Grief is so bad I can’t eat. That poor child😭 is there anyone out there going through this horrible tragedy?.

It is such a sad cruel world. I too saw the film and my anger is so great I feel I could serious do some damage to those awful people who hurt him so.
It made me think of my husband who if he had seen that film would have been crying and beside himself with anger.
Animals and children are so vulnerable.
Sometimes, although I wish my husband was here, sometimes it’s a blessing he isn’t part of this awful world

Dee xx

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Thank you for replying. I’m sorry for your loss. My husband cried. He didn’t watch the rest. It is cruel world. It was traumatising watching it. How anyone who could torture and abuse a little boy. My hearts :broken_heart:. This has hit me really bad. I keep hearing his wee voice. I don’t have anyone to talk to. My friends have moved away. That’s why I came on here. xx

I too was appalled and heartbroken for Arthur, watching his last hours and hearing his distress will remain with most of us forever. We watch in horror feeling helpless and I must confess guilty, knowing a young child endured such unspeakable barbarity we didn’t know about, and couldn’t stop.
It sounds as though your own sadness was triggered by the news of Arthur. Natural compassion, tears and anguish are all part of something like this, but not if it affects your life profoundly, threatening your well-being. I’m glad you reached out to this forum, and hope others will respond as I was prompted to do.
Personally, the only way I could cope was to donate to the NSPCC because I needed to do something. Also there are many children’s charities who could probably do with some help. They have an enormous and often thankless task these days. We can’t do anything for that little boy, but if you have the urge and the time, its possible to help other children who are suffering, in his name, and restore our own faith in human nature.

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Thank you fir replying. Im feeling all those emotions. I’m sure the nation is feeling the same grief. Because I seen it and hearing his little voice will haunt me. Its his wee voice that I hear all the time and the image will haunt me. It was cruel and evil what Arthur had to go through. Actually I said to my husband yesterday we need to help young children who won’t have anything for Christmas. I usually buy presents to give to the charities. Also shopping
centres where ppl from the charities are. But I would be happy to donate to NSPCC which I will do. Again thank you.
Take care. xx

Hi Mggs24,

You arent alone. Rarely does a news story make me cry but the story of this tragic boy broke my heart too.

That people exist among us that would do this to a child sickens me. Hopefully his father and step mother never see the light of day again.


Hi miche24 I donated to NSPPC in Arthur’s name. I feel good about that. But I’m still struggling… Hopefully this pain will go away and try and remember Arthur as a smiling beautiful boy. What must his grandmother and mum be feeling. He was there little son and grandchild. I never met Arthur yet I feel the loss for him I will be contactimh smaritins. But I will come on here as well. Even talking to someone on lthis forum can help. I’m glad I found this forum. And you all have been great in responding to me and I thank you all. xxx

Hi C9171 . Thanks for replying. I agree. It’s sad to read about horrible things like this. But when you see it visually it’s horrendous. So I’m not alone and lots of ppl are going through this about little Arthur. Also what broke my heart is Arthur hasn’t been laid to rest . So he’ was alone even in death. :pensive: hopefully he will be laid to rest soon. Poor child… I’m so grateful for everyone in this forum. :pray: xxx

I keep wondering why the social service didn’t ask tougher questions. So many times he could have been saved. Neighbours , police and other social services let Arthur down. Hopefuly lessons will be learned from this again. It’s took the death of little Arthur to realise this. I pray no other child has to go through this although I’m sure there are other little children at this min going through this torture. It doesn’t bare thinking about. So sad…

Take care. xx

Thank you for response Mggs24, if it has helped just a little then I am grateful. Just give yourself time, also helping others does combat those feeling of despair. Always here if you want to share your feelings.

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Thank you miche24. I think I will have to come on here as I’m still struggling. But I’m trying to think of good things . But little Arthur comes into my mind frequently. I’ don’t understand why this has effected me so much. It feels like I have lost a loved one. You and others on forum are going through this to. And I’m sure many more. It’s a cruel world sometimes. I’m really grateful to you and everyone in this forum. It does help a bit to be able to communicate to other ppl on forum.
Take care. xx

Thank you Mggs24, yes it is good to write things down and put thoughts out to others that are accepted in good will and with the spirit they are meant. I’ve read so much on Facebook and other places which show many people are really struggling to cope with what happened to Arthur.
When I think back to how life was in March 2020, no one out on the streets and all so eerily quiet, there is not much anyone but the authorities and close family could have done, and that by telephone.
Its what we do now that matters and I think you have made the first steps here and donating to the NSPCC. Bless you and have a better day.

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Hi miche24. Hope your well. I think the restrictions march 2020 played a part on little Arthur horrible abused. I had to stop reading the news. But my husband told me family tried right up until May to try and save him. All the signs were there but were missed. Really sad… This will never leave me. And like you said there are a lots who are going through this about Arthur. Last night I went on the samartins webchat as I can’t talk on phone without crying. They told me to contact them through chat. So it helped a bit. But still finding it hard . I bought a memory star to put on tree for Arthur. At least we can remember him on Christmas. But the image of little Arthur on that cctv will haunt me for ever. Keeps playing like a movie repeating in my mind over and over. But by donating in Arthur’s name makes me feel good that I can stop another child having to go through what lillte Arthur went through. Thank you for posting back to me. It means a lot. My friends have moved away. And the friend I do have nearby has her own problems. That’s why I had to find a forum like this. I can go an hour and then burst out crying. Hopefuly it will get easier as days go by. But now I know I’m not the only one who took this bad. And I :pray: lessons have been learned after this tragedy . Take care. God bless. xx

It really sounds as if you are doing everything you can right now to put your energy into something positive. I’m glad you are reaching out to other organisations and people,it will help you to work through this sadness.
Do keep talking/messaging when you need it. Having no friends around is a serious loss in our lives, so I hope you will find new ones in the future. All the best.


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I want to thank you and everyone who tesponded to my post. I’m finding it easier now. After I last cried for a full hour and half with my husband who helped me to understand that I need to remember little Arthur in a postive way. I will continue tp donate to help other children who are being abused mentally and physically and try to make a bit of a difference in Arthur’s name. I have my moments still. But I can talk about it without crying. I still feel it in my :heart:. I wish you all a happy Christmas. Stay safe and take care God bless you :pray: all. Xxx

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That is so heartening, well done and thank you for letting us know.
Best wishes for Christmas, and the year ahead.