Over the past year I have lost two people close to my heart , this whole year I’ve found it so difficult to cope, now I’m finding hard to support my friend who is grieving for there friend who is lost someone, don’t know what I can do.

Susan, you are doing what you can by being there. We don’t talk about death and grieving enough and when it affects us personally then it’s a big shock but having someone there to listen is wonderful. Asking how someone is feeling or are you ok is absolutely wonderful when you a mourning someone special and normally no one wants to ask because they don’t want to know the answer or they don’t know how to deal with the answer. Just being there and able to listen, that’s all.
It’s great that you have asked and I thank you on behalf of your friend. S xx

Yeh thank you, I just feel that my grief is never ending, then trying to finding a way to support and to be strong for my friend has been hard, just I’ve struggled to what to say to her.