I am finding it hard at the moment I miss my mum and my mother in law both now I believe ive let everybody down

Please help I can t even remember the good times

Sorry to read your message I don’t believe you have let anyone down. I too am grieving and have very odd feelings everyday. Sometimes I want to be around people and celebrate thing and other days I hide away in my house as I don’t want to even look at people. If I didn’t have a dog I don’t think I would leave the house from one day to anyone. I don’t think we can change how we feel we have to learn somehow how we can work through these feeling , this community has become extremely helpful to me and I hope you too get some help from it. Take care

Hello - you are going through an incredibly hard time, but that doesn’t make it true that it’s your fault. Nobody gets their life 100% right. We are all fallible human beings. Feelings of guilt are very common after any bereavement, be kind to yourself. You have every right to grieve, it’s the price of love. You can grieve whatever way you choose. If some people are unhelpful and make you feel worse, avoid them if you can. You deserve care and respect and you will get it on this site. Don’t beat yourself up, you are doing the best you can. That’s good enough for now. Sending you hugs x