I lost my wife Janet after 54 yes of marriage, 18 months ago.And l can’t seem to move forward l feel useless and lonely, and l sometimes think whats the point


Hello Bob,
I haven’t lost a partner but i lost my mum 16 months ago and still struggling very much and wondering what is the point ? I’m so sorry about your wife Janet . Do keep posting on here as it does help to talk to other people who have been through the same. Take good care.
Love Angie xx

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Yes I think every day is the same, I’m just over a year and no matter what I do I cannot shake this deep sadness I think it’s with me forever and I know I’ve become very dull company and this is as good as it will ever be but I have fond memories, the past isn’t a bad place to be especially with what’s happening around us now hugs to everyone on this lonely sad road xx


Hi just over a year for me . And I feel like I’m getting worse .the first year I felt like I was in a smokey room couldn’t see much in front of me . Now the smoke is clearing and I can see clearly in front of me and don’t like what I see . A sad lonely life without my husband .nothing to look forward too .no happiness no love no future . Looking and living in the past is much preferred. Xtake carex


Bob, have you had or been offered any bereavement counselling? It may help, even now. Talk to your GP for a start.

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