My husband died 12 weeks ago, we were together 45 happy years. Today I feel emotionally back to square one, the sadness has overwhelmed me out of nowhere. Reading the forum there is a lot of us out there going through similar. It’s reassuring to read that what I’m feeling is normal, the acute sadness, loneliness and missing the person who knew everything about you and you them. I’m struggling with the reality that I’ll never see or speak to him again. I’m looking at ways to keep busy and join groups to help get through this. Love to all on this awful path of life


Keep speaking to him. Just think of him working away and tell him about your day. i leave my hubby messages on his mobile on messenger​:blush:i have his picture by the door tell him see him later.they havent left us think of them in a place he was happy x hes with you always. im coming up to my first year so it will be hard but will put roses by his urn on sideboard and tell him how much he is loved :heart:


Two and a half years now -
I know hubby isn’t coming back but I think of him pottering, out with woofy, fishing etc.
He’s just not here are the moment – but the “man jobs” are piling up!!

Just my way of getting thru another day!

G. X