Hi,I lost my husband Bob on the 21st March,i know he is gone but it doesn’t feel real.My family give me lots of support but night times is the hardest.I have his ashes beside my bed which gives me comfort as i know he is near.People tell me its gets better with time but i find it hard to believe this at present. We were married for 49 years and been together for 53 since i was 14 years old ,so its not something you can just wipe from your mind.Any advice would be helpful.
Thanks for listening.


Early days for you ! I know its so sad and hard. Can you pursue bereavment counselling? I have waited 4 months for it but its helping to unscramble things xxx


@Mollymay321 sorry you have had to join this forum, it’s not a place we would choose to be but it may be your life line.

Such a long time together and getting together so young. That will take a lifetime to get over I’m sure.

We are all on a personal journey with grief and it effects us all differently but we all have a united understanding of how you feel.

At 21 weeks in, it does feel different. The raw pain and the constant crying has changed. I have bad days but not every day. I cry but it’s not all consuming anymore. My life is now different because he is not in it and the future will be whatever I make it but I can go to work, go out and have good days.

Take small steps, hour to hour if necessary. Think of the now, the future is too painful. Take any and all help if it’s offered.

Stay with the forum, if you can. You can say how you feel, doesn’t matter how dark your days get. There’s always someone awake to listen.

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Hi Mandy,
That’s a lovely name, the name of my late fiancée. I think you know in your heart if you are going to get over Bob and have a sort of life without him. I know I’m not going to have a life worth much without Mandy in it. Everyday is a struggle, but that’s me. She was and is my world. I was her world as well. Somethings can’t be got over, Mandy is one of these. You will have to do or not do what ever helps you get through each Groundhog Day . Take care Stefan :broken_heart: