How to cope with a lost of sister

So sorry you have lost your sister. In the early stages of grief from what others have posted folk either don’t eat or live off sandwiches and cereal. I’m a bit further on and might say order a load of eg grapes and nectarines to have at the side of you easy to graze plus a couple of big bottles of water to stay hydrated then you don’t have to venture to kitchen if you don’t feel up to it. This forum is a godsend and if you read you will find so many things we have in common. I find the ones further on very helpful to show we can get through this. If you can possibly manage look up two or three yoga stretches online because grief gets held in the body and needs to be released. As soon as you can try two or three minutes of meditation. Grief makes it so it feels there is too much to process in your mind and the meditation allows some spaces to open up so slightly easier to manage. Hope that is enough to help a bit.

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