I was lucky to be married to my husband for 51 years. Sadly he passed away in May this year and i am struggling. Then i watched Annabelle Croft on Strictly takes 2 last night and realise i share similar reactions to her. Tears suddenly hit me when i am least expecting them especially if a certain song is played. I found that hearing someone else express the same feelings made me feel less alone.


I agree it helps a bit if you can talk to/with someone who’s gone through this. I have friends but they can’t really understand. I lost my husband in February and we’d been together nearly 44 years. It’s such a big hole but I decided that I will let myself cry/scream/rant if I want (something my mother never did!) and other people just need to accept it. Take care Gail xx


Hi @Gusty @Guineapig65
Yes we all going through grief at our own paces. We just need to share and talk about our feelings with each other.
It does help us understand the pain we all feel at certain times.
I am trying hard not to plan for the future now because the thought of these feelings for another 20+ years will be too painfully.


I agree about Annabelle Croft. She was back working not long after her husband died. She’s sort of become a role model for me because she seems to be so strong. I’m sure like all of us she has her moments in private though.
Boy it’s all so tough isn’t it.


I cannot envisage any meaningful future at this time. My wife is not with me so the concept simply makes no sense. I’m just surviving day be day at the moment, and at really challenging times hour by hour. This second year has got progressively harder to endure.

Talking to folk who have some understanding is certainly helpful. My heart goes out to you all. It is truly awful. But other than my grief I am essentially numb.

Best wishes to you all. Try to survive.