Does grief ever ease? It’s been 3 years since my partner was murdered. I still miss him so much :broken_heart:


Hello @Dennie111, I’m so sorry for the loss of your partner - that is devastating.

I’m just giving your thread a gentle, “bump” for you - hopefully someone will be along to share their thoughts. :blue_heart:

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Hi @Dennie111, I lost my partner 5 weeks ago so am very much at the start of this awful grieving process. I can’t give help as I am not where you are but I can say the support here is amazing, keep posting and talking to people and know you are not alone. Every thing I feel someone else on here does too, I feel empty, void of all emotion except hurt, anger and upset. I don’t know how I am going to continue on but somehow I must, I keep thinking each day I live is a day denied to my beautiful man :broken_heart: x please inbox if you need to chat anytime.

I don’t have experience of your situation. I feel murder of a loved one has it’s own challenges.

However you lose a loved one is hard and all our situations are unique and personal to us.

I’m 9 months in and life has changed, some areas significantly, some areas not so much. Areas where I used to do my own thing and be independent of my partner. I like that we weren’t completely entwined and we had our own space and that helps me now.

I don’t avoid all of what we did together but it certainly throws up some challenges for me.

Some days are still very hard to get through but I’ve come a long way since day 1. There is no end to this loss, I believe it will always be with us, like a scar but that doesn’t mean we have to stop living because of it.

It’s ok to miss them, it’s ok to have sad days, it’s also ok to keep moving, to keep smiling, laughing and cracking on with living.

It’s never over, we adjust to live with it but that doesn’t mean we have to be unhappy because of it.

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