Hi, I lost my husband at the end of November. I am mostly doing okay, with lots of love and support from my family, friends and our 2 beautiful daughters. My husband and I used to love holidays and we talked often about me continuing to get away with our dog after his death, he knew how much I loved the sea and our breaks. I felt the time was right to get away from home for a while and am staying on the South Coast for a week. I am finding it really hard , I feel his loss so acutely while I’m here- it feels as though I have left him behind at home and I am frightened that I won’t feel his presence when I return home. I am finding some enjoyment here having walks along the coast , but feeling the loneliness - not for company as such- but of missing him. Wondering whether coming away was just too soon.


It’s only natural on your first trip away. You’re doing what you feel you need to. It’s a long road but I’m sure he’d be proud of where you are.

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Youre really go alone. I couldnt do that but good on you for trying it. You will feel him in the house when you get back. Don’t worry xxx

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