I lost my husband of 51 years in September. I am griefstricken… My daughter has stopped talking to me as, in my grief, i threatened to take some tablets. I wasnt serious, it was a cry for help, and for some company as i was totally on my own. My son is good, but he has his own family and work.
I am very lonely, as except for my little dog, i am alone in a big house in a place where neighbours dont really speak to each other. Seems i have to wait until probate to be able to sell this house and move, both to a smaller house and civilisation.

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Barbara, sorry for your loss,you sound in a similar situation to me,I also lost my husband in September after 51yrs of marriage.I havnt even got out of bed this morning just lay here thinking what’s the point,the grief is so painful,I have adult children also but they have to get on with there lives ,I am lost without Steve,heartbroken, devastated to me each day is getting harder to get through, it’s certainly not the future we had planned

Hope things work out for you



I lost my husband in august and have had a terrible time with one of my sons not being able to cope with losing his dad, many things said thought we wouldn’t be able to recover but miraculously it’s all settled down after a month of turmoil, it’s quite normal to want to be with your husband and I’m sure we’ve all contemplated suicide at our most desperate moments it’s all part of grief, I feel for you and I’m sorry for your loss maybe given time your daughter may come round and understand but above all be kind and forgiving to yourself, it’s ok to just be and take any comfort lots of hugs to us all suffering on such a miserable day xx

Hi Christine I’m feeling worse as Xmas is getting nearer unfortunately I had to get up to take my sons dog out so I’m sat soaking wet with a wet dog sat on top of me missing my husband, I’m dreading Xmas and I’m finding eating difficult now it just seems to stick in my throat but I think that’s the grief too, I’m sorry for your loss, our husbands had so much love and were too young to die thinking of you today xx

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I am really struggling again today,didn’t get up till lunchtime feeling distraught,broken,Steve passed away 10 weeks ago and the grief is getting worse,didn’t think it could,I can’t stop crying, still finding it hard to believe he’s not coming back
I miss him so much,never been on my own before,after nearly 52yrs of marriage I don’t know how to carry on without him

Christine x

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