Grieving my damaged parents

Hi, I am new to the group, I was listening to music thinking about my parents going through the grieving process i guess when somehow i found this forum, Struggling with losing parents i have not seen for 10 years, just recently found out they both died in 2016 so i am struggling with closure, I am grieving the parents i wish i had rather than the parents they weren’t, i am 48 and was a foster kid. Anyone been through a similar path just throwing it out there…

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Hi there, I’m so sorry it was too late for you to meet the parents you never knew. I can’t imagine how that must feel but grief comes with loss and you have lost the parents you never had the chance to meet. Are there any other relatives that you know of who you could talk to and maybe find out a little more about your parents and their lives? You must have so many questions, it might help. I do hope there is someone else on here who can relate to your story better than I can and maybe give you some comfort. Sending blessings. X

Welcome to this wonderful group, swaye, I am sorry that you have had such a bad time and still having. You will find compassion and understanding here, you have chosen well.
Take care, Blessings,

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Thank you agmo1986 X

Thank you MarlyL X

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It’s a great group…thinking of you x

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