Guilt and grief

I feel so guilty about the death of my father as he got pneumonia and I had a chesty cough in the weeks before and I can’t help but feel like it’s all my fault and I know none of you really care and probably won’t reply because you agree with me and think it’s my fault and don’t know what to say but a reply would be appreciated because I am struggling to cope with the stress and everything that’s going on in my head.

I’m sorry for the loss of your dad
I think feeling guilty is a big part of grieving

I myself nursed my husband for 6 months through cancer I always think they might have been that one thing I didn’t do to keep him with me

I am only just starting to realise I did everything I physical and mentally do
Im started to actually feel proud of myself you will to in time
You take care
Marie x

Hello @ozstin123

Sorry for the loss of your Dad. As @Dotty666 says guilt is unfortunately an emotion we all have to try and cope with, the what ifs, should of, we all beat ourselves up. My partner caught covid and there’s so many times I keep battling with how he caught it, I just don’t know.
Please keep on posting as someone will always reply to you.
Sending you a hug
Amy x

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I have just said the same thing to my hubby about my own dad. I had a cold and then dad got a cold which went into a chest infection and he also had copd. I feel so guilty that I passed my cold onto him and if I hadn’t dad would still be here. My hubby says not to think like that, dad was on strongest inhaler but we can’t help how we feel. believe me I understand how your feeling and it hurts like hell. probably nothing to do with us at all. is it part of grieving I don’t know x

I know how you feel all I had was a chesty cough and stuffy nose so I most likely had a cold and it wasn’t affecting me in any way, he probably would have been fine if he didn’t have these other health problems that were affecting him at the same time he only thought he had a stomach bug, I just keep trying to find answers online as I want closure to feel like it’s not my fault but it just leaves me with more questions, I don’t know for sure that I gave it to him but it can’t be a coincidence that I had a cough then he gets pneumonia I just didn’t know how serious it could get, I just think about it everyday and just go through it in my head and I try not to blame myself but I do, people have said it’s natural to feel like this in grief but I don’t think it’s anything to do with that I feel like I will have this feeling forever and it’s hard to live with that weight on my shoulders

my dad had underlying issues to but I feel guilty as anything and the thought of going back to work I can’t get my head around.
hope you start to feel better x

I know how you feel I am trying to find any other answer as to why my dad got pneumonia but I feel like it was me as I was around him everyday, I just can’t stop thinking about it and I don’t think I ever will

I feel I can’t live my life with this guilt how do you cope, people say it’s part of the grieving to feel guilty but we have a reason for our guilt and I feel like I will be like this forever

Sorry for your loss
Its true guilt is a part of grieving
The guilt overcome me but now a couple of weeks on I’m not feeling quite as guilty
Don’t get me wrong it still creeps up on me
I wake up on a morning wondering what emotions are going to hit me tday it’s like s rollercoaster

Look after yourself

Marie x