My husband of 44 years was end of life care in hospital, i cant fault the staff absolutely brilliant let me use their kitchen and shower. I lived in his room for 10 days, i went to get some food when i returned he had passed i feel so guilty he was alone, Matron said he done it to spare me watching him pass which i can understand but does not help how i feel God i miss him so much we grew up together we married on my 20th birthday much to my parents dismay he was 22, we had so much fun together. I knew he was terminally ill so took early retirement but then to be told in June he had 6 to 12 months was devastating he passed 5 months later, i am so alone.

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I understand your felling exactly I feel the same my partner had cancer he went into the end of life care I keep him at home until the last 24 hours. It was less than six weeks from the diagnosis to the and I was told it would be 6 months thay were rong. I would give any thing to have any time with him now to day would be his birthday I miss him every day and yes the loneliness is the worst there isent a day I haven’t it’s been nearly 2 years I hope thing will get better I no we are all in the same place here sending you hugs xx


So sorry for your loss. When i spend time with my family i still feel alone half of me is missing do you feel the same ? I also feel i have aged since being on my own, loss of confidence
Actually loss of lots of things. Lets hope in time we are both coping better xx

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Yes I do. I think on matter were we are it’s the same it’s that connectshon we had with that one person that we sherd everything with I find myself lost in a word I no longer seem to fit in. Trying to contact to strangers with out mutch success thay aren’t in the same
Place we are trying to go it alone take care sending you hugs x

Cj13, What we are feeling is part of the grieving process but oh its so hard. What part of the country are you living ? I am in Southampton.

Tilly Iam from shropshire unfortunately so quick a way for you xx