I lost my beloved dad just 3 weeks ago - the funeral
Is in 3 weeks time. I am feeling so guilty about work - I know that I am not ready to return as I am
Not emotionally stable / am not sleeping and have real anxiety about being round people at the moment. I have an appointment with my GP later on today but am so worried that he may not provide a fit note and that I will have to return to work. I don’t really know what to do / say to the doctor and am so concerned about my bosses at work expecting me to return now too. Has anyone experienced a similar situation?


Hi Dee loosing someone close is a really distressing situation which will cause all sorts of physical and emotional responses. The doctor will fully understand that, I am positive your doctor will give you a sick note when he knows how anxious you are, that is the least he should do. He might even offer you something for your anxiety and insomnia. Don’t worry . Take care be patient with yourself, grief is exhausting.

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Hi Dee,

Sorry to hear of your loss.

Drs are pretty good at reading in between the lines and if you speak honestly they’ll see and hear you aren’t ready to go back.
I was lucky in that my boss was amazing and gave me as much time off as I needed/wanted so I was spared this thankfully.

Don’t be pressured into going back to work too soon as will do no-one especially yourself any good.

Hope all goes well,

Suzanne x

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