Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I needed to vent as it’s getting to me.

I bought a campervan on Saturday using some of my inheritance. My Dad worked SO hard over the years and I’m very lucky to have what I have but the guilt is hanging over me.

Has anyone else had this emotion and how did you handle it.

I know my parents would want me to enjoy life as we’re here for a good time not a long time but ooooof I feel so emotional.


Hello and welcome back.
Please enjoy your campervan because they will be keeping an eye on you. That’s how I feel because we would not have certain things without some inheritance and I thank them often for what we received.
Most likely the actual process of purchasing the van has left you feeling drained and that’s why the emotions are running high. Deep breath’s and enjoy your trips away, visit many lovely locations and every now and then just say ‘thank you’. Take care of yourself and the van, please give it a name. Sxx


Guilt comes up in strange ways. Sometimes I even feel guilty for being grateful for things.

Lately I’ve been feeling guilty (again) for not seeing more of my mum when she was ill just before she died. I kept away because I was following the covid rules and now all I can think is, why did I care? why didn’t I just go and see her and spend more time with her?

I’e been thinking about this a lot lately and i don’t know if it will ever go away. it’s already been 18 months and i sometimes still feel like it has just happened. I wish time could just stop for a while because suddenly I feel like we’re heading towards her 2 year anniversary and i don’t know how to bear it.

Hi, you have described grief and grieving, it is all part of the process but it’s also down to the antics of a few people in London who just did what they wanted. You did the right thing, so please don’t feel guilt. If you had visited and taken an infection, covid or something else and she had caught it, then you could feel guilt. Please stop over thinking the emotions that grief throws at you.
Yes all wish for the world to stop or even just part of our life, slow down even, it doesn’t and somehow we have continue as through nothing has happened. I hope this has helped, even in a small way. Sometimes knowing you are not alone, that what you are feeling is normal helps and that’s why the community is here. Stay well and stay safe. S xxx

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